Youth bank Jezero started with active work


The education of new members of the Youth Bank was held in Jezero municipality, on April 14, 2018. At the meeting, young people had the opportunity to get closer, in an interactive lecture, they were introduced to the plan of activities, obligations, responsibilities, the way of functioning of the Youth Bank, team work, crucial items necessary for successful implementation of projects and (

The first training was attended by young people from OB Mrkonjić Grad, OB Šipovo, as well as hosts of the meeting, young people from OB Jezero. The role of the lecturers had: Sanja Kojić - intern at the Mozaik Foundation and Đorđe Kokošar, as active and long-time members of the Youth Bank, together with the director of the Youth Bank program, Željko Pauković. The first official training of new members took place in an interactive atmosphere, where young people spoke about the problems they face on their daily basis in the area of ​​their municipalities and cities, the ways in which they and people in their society could refer to them as well as the possible solutions to them.

Through education, the lecturers made efforts to reach new members in a better way by encouraging them to continue their active participation in large projects that will be implemented in the area of their municipalities and cities in the near future. Members of the OB Team, through this education, learned about how to encourage youth activism, to make decisions and to effectively recognize and solve social problems.

This was the first step for all future activities and successes of young people in the Youth Bank. After the first and in-depth training for new members, project writing, launching and realization of new and useful ideas will be beneficial to both the members and the community in which they live. "There is only one corner of the universe that you can safely change, and that's you."

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