Due to natural circumstances, agricultural conception of the municipality is focused on livestock breeding, that is cattle and sheep breeding, which is based on producing milk and meat. The number of agricultural manufacturers that produce and sell fresh milk is significant.

When it comes to sheep breeding, it is less present than cattle breeding, but there are some agriculturalists in our municipality who breed herds of 20 to 200 sheep. Roasted lamb from our mountainous area is famous since the ancient times.

It can be said that there are huge potentials for a successful improvement of agriculture in our municipality, but without help of institutions, any larger success can hardly be achieved.

On the territory of the municipality there are several successful honey producers who produce forest and meadow honey of high quality, but currently they do not have opportunities to widen their production, although they would like to. So, all the preconditions exist for the production of healthy food, development of sports, recreation and tourism.

Agriculturalists from our municipality have recently planted several orchards of berries (raspberry) and in this year the production of industrial cucumbers (cornichons) has started.

Except the fishing farm (“Ribogojilište”), there is no registered agricultural production. However, we are currently working on establishment of the Union of Agriculturalists.