Youth Bank Jezero - Contracts signed with the groups for realization of five projects


On May 29, 2020, in the building of Jezero Municipality contracts were signed with young people from Jezera - groups for the implementation of five projects, the implementation of which is planned to be finished by September 15, 2020.

In the following period, the groups, with the support of members of the Youth Bank Jezero and volunteers, will implement the following projects:

1. "A healthy spirit in a healthy body!" (Equipping the first gym for young people from Jezero),
2. "Poetry Evening in Jezero" - (arrangement of the existing stage and organization of the "Poetry Evening in Jezero" event),
3. "Plant a tree, save the planet, save yourself!" - (planting trees and plants in the street November 21 in Jezero),
4. "Encounter with nature" - (ecological action of cleaning Jezero and the Pliva riverbed),
5. "Everyone to the park!" - (arranging a park for children).

The total value of the project is 6,350 KM, and to this amount are added the amounts of community contributions. The projects will be financed by joint funds of the Municipality of Jezero and the Mozaik Foundation.
The best young people for the best community.