The project “Socialization of children of Republika Srpska”


The project “Socialization of children of the Republika Srpska” has been implemented since 2002 and for the past 15 years it has covered more than 22 000 children from all municipalities of Republika Srpska. These are children of different categories: primarily children from socially vulnerable families - beneficiaries of social and child protection rights, children from multi-member families, children from families of the veteran population, children with special needs and chronic health problems, but also especially gifted children, talented sportsmen and others.

It is this diversity that is the highest value of the Project and serves to achieve the project goals: developing empathy, belonging to the peer group regardless of differences, and socializing children in every sense. The responsible Ministry of Health and Social Protection and the Government of the Republika Srpska is an unavoidable support of the Public Utility Public Fund for Children's Protection in the realization of this very demanding, but above all for the children of the beneficial Project.

The Municipality of Jezero is part of this project, from the very beginning of the realization, and 7 (seven) children from the population of socially vulnerable and multi-member families from our municipality goes every year. This year, the Municipality of Jezero, together with the head of Snezana Ruzičić, provided a part of the money the trip to Bečići. An English language teacher, from the Primary School Vuk Karadžić Jezero, Dragana Milanović, took care of our children.

The participants of this year's project are:

  1. Dragan Gogić,
  2. Njegoš Nišić,
  3. Hana Hodžić,
  4. Nemanja Bubanj,
  5. Jovana Kutanjac,
  6. Teodora Skopljak
  7. Anastasija Dević.

Our children were staying in Bečići from June 05, 2017 to June 14, 2017 and were accommodated in the hotel “UŽICE”.