US Embassy delegation visited the municipality of Jezero


            On March 13, 2018, the municipality of Jezero was again visited by the Delegacy of the US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Culture and Education Attaché at US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Drew Giblin, Public Affairs Officer, Leah M. Pease, and Political Advisor, Bridget Trazoff.

            During the meeting, it was discussed about the political situation in the municipality of Jezero and development projects, as well as the current development of the municipality. Special attention was paid to the part of the talks on the possible support of the US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A great interest has been shown to maintain and develop the tradition of fishing and breeding of fish in the area of the municipality. It was also discussed about the development of rural tourism in the area of the municipality of Jezero. Therefore, we invite all residents of the municipality of Jezero who are interested in the development of Rural Tourism to contact us in the premises of the Municipality of Jezero, so that we can keep them in mind when applying for Public Invitations and realization of Rural Tourism Development projects.

            At the meeting, there were also talks about possible scholarships for young people, study tours to the United States, and grants for youth projects from Bosnia and Herzegovina. All information on scholarships, study tours and grants can be found on the site of the American Embassy, and personal information can be obtained at one of the American Corners in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

            The US Embassy for scholarships is currently open to students who want to go to the Study Research in the United States. You can read more about this program on the following links: