The fifth traditional swimming for the Holy Cross


The fifth traditional swimming for the Holy Cross

 Fifth traditional "Swimming for the Holy Cross" was held on the river Pliva on the January 19, 2021, in the area of municipality of Jezero. This year, as well as the previous four years , the Serbian Orthodox parish of Jezero celebrated the holiday "Epiphany" with Orthodox liturgy, water consecration and swimming for the honorary cross.

Participants in the event "Swimming for the Holy Cross" on the occasion of the Epiphany celebration were: Slaven Ružičić, Bojan Marić, Nemanja Savić, Milorad Savić, Ile Marić, Milan Jovetić, and Zoran Glamočak.  The gold coin and the handmade cross belonged to the first among equals,  to the winner Zoran Glamočak.

All participants received orthdox icons and letters of grattitude from the archpriest, and the winner also received a gold coin from the Municipality mayor Snježana Ružićić.

Safety and security were provided by the Mountain Rescue Service of Jajce Station, the Mountaineering Association of Ćusine, the Fire Brigade of the Municipality of Jezero, the Police Station of Jezero and the Clinic of the  Family Medicine from Jezero.