Working meeting with the Federal Minister for Displaced Persons and Refugees, Mr. Edin Ramić


On March 06, 2019, in the Municipal Building in Jezero, the working meeting was held and attended by Federal Minister for Displaced Persons and Refugees, Mr. Edin Ramić, Chief Imam of Islamic Communitz Jajce, Zehrudin ef. Hadžić, Imam, Semin Česo. In front of the Jezero Municipality, the meeting was attended by the Mayor of Jezero Municipality, Mrs. Snežana Ružičić, President of Municipal Assembly of Jezero, Mrs. Dragana Karaga, Deputy Mayor of Jezero, Mr. Dragan Strugalović, Vice -President of Municipal Assembly of Jezero, Mr. Ševal Ribić, delegate of Municipal Assembly Mubera Šabić Žužić and returnee population the municipality of Jezero.

Thanks to the Federal Ministry of Displaced Persons and Refugees, a number of projects have been implemented so far: construction of a drinking water reservoir in Đumezlije, co-financing transportation costs for high school students for the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 years, a scholarship for students for 2017 and 2018 and a project called "Agricultural Mechanization" through which three motocultivators were awarded to residents engaged in agriculture. In the following period it is planned to asphalt the road in the inhabited place of Jezero municipality, Čerkazovići in the approximate value of KM 50,000, the construction of which was agreed during today's meeting.